SEO Tools

Analyze your site with our free SEO tools: from Meta descriptions and keywords, to page speed and link checks, these online tools can be a solid help in creating on-page reports.
  • *Google Backlink Checker Tool for Penguin & Disavow Analysis Free Google Webmaster Tools backlink sorter and Penguin & Disavow analysis: Provide your backlink export, let the tool figure it out.
  • *Get URLs from search results Greasemonkey script A cool Greasemonkey script to generate the list of URLs from Google results
  • Website Crawler Tool and Google Sitemap Generator Generate Google Sitemap, identify your site crawl issues and errors; Crawl as deep as you want!
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and Blekko Comparison Tool Just enter the keyword phrase you would like to know more about, the search engines you would like displayed (choose any 2 between Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and Blekko) and, optionally, a domain name you would like highlighted in the results, and click compare.
  • Internal Page Crawler and External Link Extractor Run the home page of your site and the tool will crawl all internal pages it can find and extract all the external links per each page
  • Link / Header Crawler The tool will generate a report that provides a list of header responses and title tags for all pages linked to from the page being tested
  • Title Tag and Meta Description Content Report Title Tag and Meta Description Content Report, users can enter in a list of up to 100 individual URLs, one URL per line, and receive a table listing the title tag, Meta descriptions, and Meta keywords for each individual page.
  • On-Page SEO Optimization Analysis Tool Each SEO analysis tool in our utility toolkit helps you see webpages as the major search engines see them. Easily identify and fix on-page errors.
  • Page Comparison SEO Page Comparison Tool works by comparing the page title, meta keyword phrases and meta description information as well as on-page headings, most frequent key phrases and keywords. Besides, it will compare links on each page (external versus internal), and shows the errors.
  • Advanced Robots TXT Generator Create, edit or compare robots.txt files with this easy to use Robots Text Generator tool. Simply fill in the fields and with the click of a button your new robots.txt file is ready.
  • XML Sitemap Validator The Sitemap Validator Tool will allow you to make sure your XML sitemap is operating as you intend. Simply upload a copy of the document to validate.
  • Google Keyword Suggest Tool The Google Keyword Suggestion tool aggregates search suggestions and shows them on one page giving you one view of all related key phrased based on your core term. Expand your keywords and get inspired with this tool.
  • Suggestion Keyword Finder Discover valuable keyword opportunities by conducting deep research with our Related Keywords Tool. Create a spreadsheet of these related keywords and create targeted content to give your site the attention it deserves.
  • Advanced URL List Cleaner Tool Advanced URL List Cleaning Tool enables you to merge multiple lists from various sources and clean them up. This will leave one URL per domain or you can choose to receive a list of only unique URLs
  • Keyword Combination Tool Provide the list of your keywords in two columns and get the full list of all possible keyword combinations.
  • Keyword Cloud Tool Understand a site’s keyword prominence and create a targeted content strategy by using a simple keyword cloud that will show the density of keywords on your site.
  • Keyword Density Analysis The keyword density analyzer tool is extremely useful in helping users to refine the keyword distribution within the existing content of their site as well as find more possible key phrases to target.
  • Page Image and Link Analysis Provide any URL and get the list of all links and images on it: See if there are any errors and fix them, find broken links and images, preview images as well as analyze on-page link anchor text and image alt text.
  • Internal/External Link Analyzer Tool Run any URL through this tool and get the list of all links on it: See if there are any broken or suspicious (redirected) links. Analyze anchor text of external links
  • C Class IP Checker Use this C Class IP Checker to analyze backlinks to any of your competitors to easily identify site networks (those that are hosted on the same C-class IP range).
  • Search Engine Spider Simulator This SEO browser mimics search engine spiders by letting you see a web page as a search bot. See if a search crawler is unable to access any of the page elements as well as understand which page elements come first on a page.
  • Load Time and Page Speed Tool Find which elements of the page slow it down and how to make it load faster to improve usability and increase ranking of any web page.
  • Indexed pages The tool uses site: operator to compare how many search results Google and Bing return for each domain.
  • Advanced Meta Tags Generator Let our Advanced Meta Tags generator create the right HTML coding for your page meta tags.
  • Meta Tag Analyzer This is a very simple tool: Simply provide a URL and see its meta tags
  • On-page SEO Analysis This tool analyzes title tags, header tags and meta descriptions and then returns a content analysis and basic SEO report
  • Keyword Density This tool will analyze your chosen URL and return a table of most frequent phrases which are used on the page.

Social Tools

Monitoring and analyzing social media signals doesn’t have to be a chore. These social media tools are free and easy to use. Provide your feedback to make the tools better!
  • Author Crawler When you provide a URL into the Author Crawler Tool, a report is produced that identifies which verified authors are linking to your site, which sites they contribute to, the URL they use to link to your site, how many Twitter followers they have, and how many Google+ Circles they are included in.
  • Social Media Tool + Authorship Use our handy social media analysis tool to research content and its popularity. Find out how often your (or your competitors') articles are being shared and get the verified authorship data.
  • Edit Images for Facebook, Google +, and Twitter Tool Use this tool to upload your social media cover photo and have it resized based on the recent design changes.
  • Check your Facebook Privacy Setting People can find out a lot about you online. Make sure you are not giving away information on your Facebook profile by using the Facebook Privacy Checker. By clicking “Connect” you can see what specific information you are sharing with everyone that views your profile. Facebook privacy issues can only be fixed once you know what they are and running this tool will help you solve these issues.
  • Social Activity Tracker This social media monitoring tool can help you revitalize the strategies present in your internet marketing campaign.
  • Find Your Facebook ID Provide your Facebook profile or page URL here and we'll let you know your Facebook ID!
  • Youtube Reputation Search This tool is designed to offer you a simpler way of checking your Youtube reputation using popular criteria, such as your Twitter handle, brand name, domain name, etc. help

All major search engines use schema code to enhance how search engines display information in the SERPs, so ensuring each page has this information is crucial to attaining and maintaining high rankings. The tools on this page will help you do just that. Creating schema code can be a time-consuming task, but our tools make it easy to create this markup and take your SEO to the next level.
  • Online person schema generator Online person schema generator: Using this tool, you can quickly and easily create schema code
  • Online book schema generator Online book schema generator: You need to implement book schema code. Implementing this code will display information, such as the author, publication date, edition, and more
  • Online review schema generator Online review schema generator: By using this tool, you will be able to create review schema code, which allows people searching for a particular product or service to view review information in the SERPs
  • Online movie schema generator Online movie schema generator: Simply enter the appropriate information below and we will create the code for you, allowing you to show information such as the title, director, actors, and more.
  • Online event schema generator Online event schema generator: Simply input the information into the appropriate fields below and we will create the schema code for you.
  • Online product schema generator Online product schema generator: Product schema code allows users to see information about a particular product, including the brand, manufacturer, average rating, and price, all in the SERPs
  • Google schema in-depth article code generator Our In-Depth Article Code Generator helps to generate the markup required for In-Depth articles so it can easily be applied to your page.

PPC Tools

PPC Management has never been easier than it is with our PPC tools. Proper implementation of advertising and keywords are necessary for a successful campaign and our PPC tools make it possible.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool Finding words and phrases with a high search volume and CPC are key, and our Google Adwords Keyword Tool will give you search volume and cost-per-click for each keyword and keyword phrase that you enter.
  • Keyword Typo Generator Expand your PPC campaign to all possible misspellings: Use the Typo Generator Tool to learn common misspellings and typos.
  • CPC ROI Calculator When running a CPC campaign, it is easy to get in the habit of throwing more money at a term in the hopes of seeing more conversions. Those conversions are useless, however, if you don’t know the ROI you are receiving for every dollar spent.
  • Google Adsense Calculator The Adsense Calculator is a tool that can help you understand your earnings to help you see how to improve your site.
  • CPM Advertising ROI Calculator With the CPM Advertising ROI Calculator you can discover the yield of your PPC efforts, and plan future changes more effectively.
  • Google AdSense Preview Use the Google AdSense Preview Tool to see what your Adsense ads will be shown on your site, and cater your content to get more targeted ads in the future.

Webmaster Tools

Increase conversions and keep your visitors in mind by utilizing the valuable information our free webmaster tools can provide both quickly and easily.
  • Block Image Hot Linking in .htaccess Block Image Hot Linking in A[ache .htaccess file
  • Block IP in .htaccess Block IP addresses in .htaccess file
  • Block Language in .htaccess Block Language in Apache .htaccess file
  • Block Referer in .htaccess Block Referer in Apache .htaccess file
  • Block User Agent in .htaccess Block User Agent in Apache .htaccess file
  • Check HTTP Response Headers Check HTTP Response Headers Tool will fetch and display the HTTP headers returned for a web page you provide. This can turn useful if you need to know where any re-directs are going to and what cookies are being set.
  • Free Robots.txt Validator Enter in the full URL of your robots.txt file into the field to test the validity of your file. Robots.txt Validator can be used to test development copies of your file before it is live.
  • Whois Domain Look Up Domain registration information is only a quick whois lookup away. Use the whois domain lookup tool for fast results.
  • HTTP Response Status Code Check Tool The HTTP Header Check Tool allows you to quickly see the response codes your URLs are sending and check for possible errors.
  • Domain Age Checker Figure the age of any domain with our domain age tool, and use the data from the checker to find older domains that may better suit your needs.
  • DNS Lookup Tool Use our DNS record lookup utility for free, and you'll benefit by learning more about the IP addresses owned by your customers and clients.
  • HTML Validator Checker HTML Validator Checker: Easy to use HTML validation tool. This tool uses the W3C Markup Validator.
  • Whats My Browser Size People who want their site visitors to get a quality experience will enjoy the What’s My Browser Size Tool. This tool gives readouts of pixels based on different browser sizes.
  • Browser Settings Our excellent Browser Settings tool means that you don't have to guess about your browser's capabilities. Find out all that you need to know about your default browser without any effort at all.
  • Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker Don’t lose your web traffic. Webmasters can use this redirect tool to fix any HTTP header, so that they don’t lose valuable visitors due to misconfigurations.
  • htaccess Generator This utility uses .htaccess files and an .htpasswd in order to encrypt folders and directories for the benefit of your property and website visitors.
  • Find My IP Address Tool How many times have you wondered what your IP address is? How about finding out what city the search engines are probably using for optimizing local searches? We're here for you.
  • IP Address Converter Turn a site’s IP Address into its decimal equivalent with the IP Address Converter. Simply enter the IP address into the tool and convert it instantly.
  • Ping Test Use the Ping Test to make sure your users are having the experience you meant to give them on your site. Identify any potential issues before they affect your users.
  • Base64 Encoding Decoding Positional notations are a breeze when you use Base64 tools. Encoding emails is just one of the many things this tool can perform.
  • Domain Name Typo Generator Our Domain Name Typo Generator is a SEO tool which generates common typos and misspellings for any domain name. The domain name typo generator is especially useful for earning traffic you're currently letting slip by.
  • HTML Source Code Viewer The HTML Source Viewer provides quick access to a page’s HTML code so the source code can be viewed. The tool can even be added to the Google Toolbar for easy access.
  • Code to Text Ratio A content ratio can be obtained when using the Code to Text Ratio Tool. It will extract text from paragraphs and anchor text from HTML code.
  • URL Rewriting A .htaccess URL rewrite will allow website owners to change their site from a dynamic URL to a static URL, in order to increase search engine viability.
  • URL Encoding URL Encoding is a tedious chore. Make it easier by using our free URL encoding tool.
  • Website Pattern Extractor Regular Expression Pattern Extractor from a given URL
  • Fetch HTML content When you need to view content without the formatting tags the Fetch HTML Content tool will quickly strip the HTML tags for you giving you clean easy to read content.
  • Webpage Size Lookup This tool will allow people to assess the size of a webpage including its images, videos and other elements. Long load times increase the likelihood of a user leaving your site. Decrease bounce rate with a quicker HTML page rendering time.
  • Dig Utility To use the Dig Utility, users simply provide a URL and will return information on databases and DNS.
  • Regular Expression Pattern Extractor By providing your regular expression and the string of information you need extracted, the Regular Expression Pattern Extractor Tool will help you find the information you require.
  • Regular Expression Match Just provide this tool with the regular expression you would like to run, the string you would like to compare, and let the tool tell you if there was a match.
  • Datetime Format Converter The Datetime Format Converter Tool converts your datetime descriptions to text dates and Unix timestamps in a variety of formats.

Web Design Tools

Create an attractive and usable website quickly with the aid of our free web page design tools. Designing an attractive page is simple and affordable with our designer tools.
  • Favicon Generator Create a customized favicon in just the right size with our Favicon Generator. Adding a favorites icon is simple way to improve your site!
  • HTML to PHP Converter This tool cuts out the need for manually converting code, by allowing webmasters to copy and paste. Change your coding to PHP quickly.
  • CSS Coder Use this FREE tool to help you improve the look and feel of your site with CSS code.
  • HTML Code Cleaner Don't waste time searching for unnecessary HTML characters and tags manually—use our HTML Code Cleaner to do the job for you and decrease load time of your pages.
  • HTML Encoder Displaying HTML on your webpage no longer has to be a struggle. Display your HTML code by encoding it with our HTML character encoding tool and have it display correctly.
  • HTML Entities Encode Decode Character mistakes in your copy can turn users off of your website. Use the HTML encoder to prevent this from happening.
  • Floating Layer Change a number of options with your popup windows by using this utility. The utility will help visitors navigate your site with ease and more enjoyment.
  • Internet Explorer Scrollbar Color This tool uses CSS and lets people add color to their browsing, with a number of fully customizable options.
  • DHTML Tooltip Creator Use our free DHTML tool to create the coding needed to better inform website visitors when they interact with images, links, and other elements of your website. This tool can also be used to customize popups as needed.
  • PopUp window generator This site gives people the opportunity to customize their browser windows by changing location, size and other traits.
  • Web Safe Colors Determine the right websafe color and add it to your page with our handy web safe colors tool. Using the standard web safe color chart, our utility delivers the right hexadecimal color value to you the first time every time.
  • Advanced Syntax Highlighting Using this utility for syntax highlighting and showing source codes for a website can ensure better readability - a must in website management.

Other Tools

More handy tools can be found in this section
  • Phone Number Spelling Converter Phone Number Spelling Converter: Provide your phone number and the tool will find the perfect combination of letters and numbers to put in your business cards.
  • Create 1 list from Several Lists Input keywords into the Create 1 List from Several Lists tools to get one list that can be easily organized and prioritized. Duplicate keywords will be removed.
  • Words Counter Copy - paste your text in the field above and instantly see how many words, characters and lines (including spaces) it contains.
  • Hide Your Email When you want to hide your email to prevent spam, but you need to make it available to your customers, you can use our hide your email tool.
  • Password Generator Don't leave yourself unnecessarily vulnerable online with easy-to-crack passwords. Our secure online password generator quickly and easily creates passwords that others will find all but impossible to access.
  • Password Strength Checker The strength of your password will make the difference between a secure system and one that invites hackers into your operating system, bank accounts, and more. Verify the strength of your password with our password strength checker.
  • Password Encryption Utility This password encryption tool provides users with an excellent way to protect sensitive information by using different encryption methods include Unix DES, MD5, and sha1.
  • Free online spell check This tool crawls up to 1000 pages from your domain and creates a handy report of all possible misspellings.