Social Tools

Monitoring and analyzing social media signals doesn’t have to be a chore. These social media tools are free and easy to use. Provide your feedback to make the tools better!
  • Author Crawler When you provide a URL into the Author Crawler Tool, a report is produced that identifies which verified authors are linking to your site, which sites they contribute to, the URL they use to link to your site, how many Twitter followers they have, and how many Google+ Circles they are included in.
  • Social Media Tool + Authorship Use our handy social media analysis tool to research content and its popularity. Find out how often your (or your competitors') articles are being shared and get the verified authorship data.
  • Edit Images for Facebook, Google +, and Twitter Tool Use this tool to upload your social media cover photo and have it resized based on the recent design changes.
  • Check your Facebook Privacy Setting People can find out a lot about you online. Make sure you are not giving away information on your Facebook profile by using the Facebook Privacy Checker. By clicking “Connect” you can see what specific information you are sharing with everyone that views your profile. Facebook privacy issues can only be fixed once you know what they are and running this tool will help you solve these issues.
  • Social Activity Tracker This social media monitoring tool can help you revitalize the strategies present in your internet marketing campaign.
  • Find Your Facebook ID Provide your Facebook profile or page URL here and we'll let you know your Facebook ID!
  • Youtube Reputation Search This tool is designed to offer you a simpler way of checking your Youtube reputation using popular criteria, such as your Twitter handle, brand name, domain name, etc.