CPC ROI Calculator

See how to use CPC ROI Calculator

When running a CPC campaign, it is easy to get in the habit of throwing more money at a term in the hopes of seeing more conversions.  Those conversions are useless, however, if you don’t know the ROI you are receiving for every dollar spent.


Note: Do not enter a fraction into the field – only a percentage.  Also, do not enter a percentage converted into decimal form.  A 5% conversion rate should be entered as 5. 

Total Clicks

You can get this number from your Client Activity Report.  Once you have the number, enter it into the field.


This number may be an estimate of the average profit made on a sale through your CPC campaign.  The profit should be in dollar amounts, not percentages.


This number can also be taken from your Client Activity Report, and is how much you pay for each time a user clicks on your ad.