Block Image Hot Linking in .htaccess

These domain names and IPs are allowed to display the file types specified below.
All other domains and IPs are denied hotlinking the specified file types.
  • Domain names, even a partial domain name.
    Do not include the http:// or the www. with the domain name.
    All hosts whose names match or end in this string are allowed access.
  • A full IP address a.b.c.d example ""

Blocking these file types stops any traffic that hotlinks these files from other domains.
  • File extensions, such as .gif, .jpg, etc.

See how to use Block Image Hot Linking in .htaccess

See how to use HTACCESS Anti-Hot Linking Tool

What is HTACCESS? The .htaccess file is used to customize the behavior of the Apache web server.

What does this tool do? This tool specifies an allowed list of domains and IPs that can access all media files on your site and then block other other domains from directly linking to that same list of media. This prohibits other webpages from showing your content, such as images, movies, etc., to their visitors as if it were theirs. This HTACCESS tool is used to stop web scrapers, web spammers, and competitors using tools to spy on your site.