Block IP in .htaccess

Blocking IPs and Host Domains stops any traffic that originates from the specified IPs or hosts.

See how to use Block IP in .htaccess

See how to use HTACCESS Block IP Tool

What is HTACCESS? The .htaccess file is used to customize the behavior of the Apache web server.

What does this tool do? This tool takes a list of entered IP addresses that should be denied access to your web server and generates the corresponding Apache .htaccess code. This HTACCESS tool is used to stop web scrapers, web spammers, and competitors using tools to spy on your site.

Valid entries are:

  • Domain names, even a partial domain name. Do not include the http:// or the www. with the domain name.
    All hosts whose names match or end in this string are denied access.
  • A full IP address a.b.c.d example "".
    The first one to three bytes of an IP address, for subnet restriction.
    Examples: "127.0.0.", "127.0." or "127."
  • A network/netmask pair.
    Network a.b.c.d and netmask w.x.y.z, to give finer-grained subnet control.
  • A network CIDR specification.
    The netmask consists of nnn high-order 1-bits.
    Example: is the same as