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This tool crawls up to 1000 pages from your domain and creates a handy report of all possible misspellings. Hover over any number to see misspelled words or click it to see a detailed reports and the context

Google PageRank is determined by several factors, including the quality of content. One of the consistencies found in low quality content is incorrect spelling and typographic errors. Poorly developed content carries little useful and meaningful information and will never be regarded as expert content. Poor content can also result in a higher bounce rate (an increased likelihood of a user leaving the page quickly) and fewer high quality backlinks which can result in lower rankings in search engines.

While it is true that not all pages with misspellings or grammar problems are poor quality, and not all poor quality sites have numerous grammatical and spelling errors, there is still evidence that poor quality text that provides minimal value to the reader is indicative of low-value content. For this reason, ensuring that your website copy is free of spelling errors, is easily understood, and utilizes proper grammar, can improve the overall user experience on your website.

Spellcheck a Complete Site or a Single Page

The Free Online Spell Check Tool allows you to spellcheck the content on your site. Enter in the individual URL you want checked, the site you want checked, upload a document, or paste text into the text box and indicate any words you want ignored. Clicking on “Ninja Check” will start the scan checking for any spelling errors on the site. Please note that this tool will not check words that include capital letters, numbers, or special characters.


Once the spellcheck is complete a list of words that are flagged as being misspelled will be shown. Review the misspellings to see if any words are terms specific to your site then use the provided data to improve the overall quality of your content.