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Social media is more and more becoming an essential part of any comprehensive SEO strategy.  Social media monitoring is the tracking of conversations in the social media world as they relate to a brand or company, a company’s competitors, and the industry as a whole. Searching by specific keywords can help you find the conversations which can then be used to help a business grow and protect their brand.

By effectively using social media monitoring you can find out who is searching for services and products you provide and allows you to stay ahead of trends in the industry. As soon as the question gets asked, you can jump in and provide an answer. By monitoring social media you can participate in industry conversations and increase the likelihood of being noticed.

Thanks to the free tools we provide you can receive a more complete and accurate picture of your industry in social media from several different perspectives. Once you have gathered the information with the assistance of the tools provided you can then evaluate this data and determine how to properly apply it to your internet marketing plan. This social media monitoring tool can help you revitalize the strategies present in your internet marketing campaign.

With our tool, you can view any Facebook interactions and activity for a listed URL. The tool brings together information streams on one page and provides insights into who is recommending and discussing pages related to the URL listed. Log into Facebook to give the tool a try, then try again when you aren’t logged in to see multiple perspectives.