Advanced URL List Cleaner Tool

select multiple by holding CTRL (on Windows) or CMD (on mac)

See how to use Advanced URL List Cleaner Tool

The Advanced URL List Cleaning Tool is very powerful. It enables you to merge multiple lists from various sources and clean them up. This will leave one URL per domain or you can choose to receive a list of only unique URLs. The most useful features of this tool include the following:

  • Generation of One List from Several Lists - With the Smart URL List Cleaner, you can important several lists (simply press CTRL/CMD to select multiple files from your computer) and merge the data from each by copying and pasting the list into the input field.  (This is helpful when you are using multiple sources of backlink research such as Majestic SEO and Google Webmaster Tools.)
  • Clean Up Your List and Keep Unique-Domain URLs Only - This is very helpful when using various sources of data.
  • Clean Up The List and Keep Only The Longest URLs From Each Domain - This can be like gold when, for example, the Google Webmaster Tools give you multiple URLs for one backlink like the blog archives page, blog post URL and category page. The Blog Post URL is generally the longest and most often the only true source of the backlink.

Use this tool to get your link lists ordered.